My husband, Bob, was a sometimes a little vague and confused in his thinking in his last days of life down below, but still tried very hard to do his best. On his last birthday (he was born on Christmas Day) our friend Jeanne Taggett came to visit and wished him a hearty “Merry Christmas!” and he replied, “Merry Christmas!” She then said, “Happy birthday!” and he replied to that as well, “Happy birthday!” His heart was certainly in the right place, bless him.

So, on my 91st birthday, maybe I’ll wish all of you “Happy birthday” as well. Your birthdays won’t be on the same day as mine, but that’s not as important as the spirit of the thing.

(The picture is from my baby book, for my first birthday, but it will work as well for a birthday 90 years after that one.)

With love to all,