My sister Janice has joined me here now. I’ve been watching down below for five years, but it’s much longer than that since we’ve been together in the same place at this same time.

She is such a cheery person, it is always wonderful to have her around. We kept close over the years, even though we were in different parts of the country. We had a big celebration with her family in Denver when I visited there a while ago.

Her daughter Sally thought maybe we would play hide-and-seek in the cornfields here in Heaven. That sounds like a good idea!

My, there are getting to be a lot of the family up here now: Mother and Daddy, my brother Jerry, my sister Janice, my husband Bob, my son Peter… Paul Link to Paul Nordberg site isn’t here yet, and seems to think it will be a while before he comes, but we think of each other all the time.

My love to all of you!