Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Paul, my first-born, delight of my life! Link to Paul Nordberg site

Our birthdays were not far from each other. In one of my later years on earth, I had a chance to visit him in Massachusetts during that season. We drove up to the L.L. Bean store in Maine, a wonderful trip, and walked out with armfuls of things. That was happiness!


My husband, Bob, was a sometimes a little vague and confused in his thinking in his last days of life down below, but still tried very hard to do his best. On his last birthday (he was born on Christmas Day) our friend Jeanne Taggett came to visit and wished him a hearty “Merry Christmas!” and he replied, “Merry Christmas!” She then said, “Happy birthday!” and he replied to that as well, “Happy birthday!” His heart was certainly in the right place, bless him.

So, on my 91st birthday, maybe I’ll wish all of you “Happy birthday” as well. Your birthdays won’t be on the same day as mine, but that’s not as important as the spirit of the thing.

(The picture is from my baby book, for my first birthday, but it will work as well for a birthday 90 years after that one.)

With love to all,

Third anniversary

It is the third anniversary of my coming to Heaven. The traditional gift for third anniversaries is leather. The flower gift is sunflowers, which is more interesting. Sunflowers are, after all, the state flower of Kansas. Vincent Van Gogh painted some wonderful pictures of sunflowers. So, we’ll show them here.

Love to all,


My favorite books

As you know, I love to read. There were books and books and books all over our house in Fox Point. Most of these are dispersed to various places by now, but Paul Link to Paul Nordberg site preserved intact my short collection of favorites. (In fact, he introduced me to several of them.) These are now displayed on top of his new bookshelves in his bedroom.

The set includes –

  • R. D. Blackmore, Lorna Doone
  • Charlotte Brontë, Villette
  • Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre
  • Camus, The Stranger
  • Elizabeth Gaskell, Cranford
  • Madamoiselle de Lafayette, The Princess of Cleves
  • Johann Goethe, The Sorrows of Young Werther
  • Johann Goethe, Faust, Part I
  • Allesandro Manzoni, The Betrothed
  • Ann Radcliff, The Italian
  • Ann Radcliff, The Mysteries of Udolpho
  • Carol Shield, The Stone Diaries
  • Elizabeth Stoddard, The Morgesons

Merry Christmas

This is my third Christmas in heaven. I am looking down at you, and I know that many of you will be thinking of me.

The picture is of our holiday in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1959. Peter isn’t quite three in the picture, but for the first time he’s old enough to be able to appreciate that it’s a big deal. (And, oh yes, there are presents that come with it.)

Happy holidays and love to all of you!


90th birthday

beverly-1-yearI was born ninety years ago today on The Farm in St. Leo, Kansas. This is my third birthday in Heaven. I’m getting used to it now, and I imagine you’re getting used to the idea I’m not there any longer. But I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon enough!

The picture of me is from about my first birthday.

With love,

Second anniversary

later-portraitIt’s been two years now since I came here to Heaven. I know that “first” events can be hard for those of you who are down below – the first birthday without, the first Christmas without, the first anniversary.

The second should be easier. And with more time gone by, I hope you are able to think about all of the time we spent together, not just the part at the end.


Close and repose

completed-markerMy marker stone has had its second date for a while now, but we didn’t have a picture of it, especially because Paul is not close. The initial newness of things at the site has faded, and the grass has grown all around. It is a restful state, one of peace and eternity.

The images are things from my life: flowers, books, oil painting, and children from a picture at my school. The cross is the same one as we put on Bob’s grave, taken from his copy of The Imitation of Christ. The words “for eternity” continue the phrase started on Bob’s stone to the left with the word “Together.”