My new home close to Paul

the-atrium-at-veronica-driveIn May of 2009, I moved from Fox Point to a new home at The Atrium at Veronica Drive, close to Paul in Ipswich. The facility had an excellent reputation. The setting was rustic, much like what I was used to in Fox Point. Paul even got a bird feeder for outside my window and kept it filled with seed. (One day, a big wild turkey came to the feeder and I laughed, because I could tell there was something odd going on, though I couldn’t quite say what.) The interior was spacious and modern. I didn’t feel any big change; I just observed, “They have a lot more people here than they used to.”

I came in able to walk around and talk and enjoy myself. In the months that followed, my dementia advanced rapidly along to the point that I had lost nearly all of my ability to speak and was wheelchair-bound. Our PCP advised that she felt a nursing home would be the most appropriate place for me. We listened and looked around carefully and followed her advice, moving to Rosewood nearby.

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