Peter’s visit to The Atrium

Peter NordbergThe younger of my sons, Peter, died early and unexpectedly a few years ago. It is one of the bittersweet blessings of my life that this happened after my Alzheimer’s disease had progressed so far that I had no notion of him or other family, or ability to understand the event. It would have broken my heart with a hurt that would not have healed for a long time.

As it happened, the time was exactly when Peter had been planning to drive up from Philadelphia to visit me at The Atrium in Danvers.

You can read about his professional life in the notice by Berger & Montague. Peter also had his own Website, Daubert on the Web, of which he was very proud. It deals with an important Supreme Court decision on admissibility of evidence based on expert opinion. When you think about it, the questions of whom we should trust, when, about what, are very good ones.

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