Beverly Nordberg, thinkingI have completed a very long and wonderful life. Now I am with my beloved Bob, Mother & Daddy, Jerry and Peter.

The last few years were not easy ones, and it was a relief to have that period over. We need to be sure, though, that as we think about my life, we think of its nearly 90 years, not just the short spell at the end. There have been a lot of parts to it, as you see in various places here.

I’ve cared passionately about my painting, my house, my reading, and many other things. Far more than about my activities, though, I’ve cared about my dear family and friends.

When you think of me, please think about all the wonderful moments we spent together, and think of me surrounded by flowers from my beloved garden.

September 17, 1926 – July 28, 2014



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