Still life with antler
Still life with fruit
Horses, Beverly Nordberg college painting
Beverly Nordberg, early oil portrait
Beverly Nordberg, garden along driveway
Beverly Nordberg, flowers along drive, take 2
Flower with cobblestones
Flowers and stones along drive
Yellow daffodils (original showing deterioration)
Beverly Nordberg, painting of pink flowers
Beverly Nordberg, purple African violets
White African violets
Beverly Nordberg, poinsettia
Beverly Nordberg, daisies
Still life in kitchen
Beverly Nordberg, still life
Beverly Nordberg, breakfast room
Beverly Nordberg, snowscape with sticky snow
Snowscape with shed
Beverly Nordberg, Paul Nordberg (unfinished)

The first three pictures above date from Beverly's college days. The fourth is, I believe, from the 1960s. Most of the rest are from about the 1980s. They are grouped here more by subject matter than by chronology. It will be evident that my mother was a passionate about gardening, amid her other interests and loves. The second-last picture is of her husband, Bob. The last, which was to have been of me, begun in the early 1990s, was left unfinished.
– Paul